Location, User Interest Remain Key to Successful Mobile Marketing

By Michael

Mobile Marketing Location, User Interest Remain Key to Successful Mobile Marketing

In a beginner’s guide style commentary in Tuesday’s online edition of Forbesmagazine, Mike Tittel of gyro shared what surprisingly remains a secret to many advertisers and business owners – location is key to success in mobile marketing.

“Most clients are asking about mobile technology,” Tittel writes. “They have immediate concerns: Android versus iPhone or BlackBerry, apps versus mobile-enabled Web pages, Japan versus North America, GPS, QR codes, mobile wallet, mobile couponing, technologies and execution.”

“But often they need to take a step back,” he adds. “Mobile devices have for the first time ever made location and context the most critical things to consider in mobile marketing.”

Last week, however, we were reminded that while mobile ads rooted in location are important, catching a mobile user’s interest still involves much, much more.

A study from Upstream revealed precisely the types of mobile advertising that consumers prefer to receive. In a continuation of the company’s North American Consumer Attitudes to Mobile Marketing research, undertaken by Luth Research, survey respondents indicated that mobile advertisements that are tailored to their “tastes and interests” far out-perform other offers that are based on time, lifestyle or location.

Assaf Baciu, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Upstream says: “While location remains an important factor in delivering mobile ads, tailoring interactions via mobile to consumers’ ‘tastes and interests’ clearly presents much greater potential for driving higher response and conversion rates.”

“Interestingly, despite more sophisticated forms of mobile marketing out there, opt-in text alerts or messages still score very highly with regard to consumer responsiveness,” Baciu adds. “This data reinforces the very intimate, personal nature of consumers’ mobile devices, and the singular priority for mobile marketers to carefully manage and optimize their engagement and number of interactions with customers.”

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